Your Favorite Dessert Spot in California

Take some time off from the daily grind and treat yourself with a healthy dessert at Razzlicious Frozen Yogurt. We have six yogurt shops based in Northern California to offer you mouthwatering froyos in different flavors.

Top Your Dessert With Flavorful Choices

Add more fun to every cup with your own choice of toppings! We boast a generally wide range of garnishes, which will surely satisfy your sweet tooth. What’s even more enticing is that we offer our yogurts at relatively reasonable prices, regardless of your choice of toppings.

Let’s Give Back to the Community

If you’re looking for a unique fundraising strategy, you can hire us to serve on your charity events. For further details about this service, feel free to contact us directly. We will be more than happy to assist you with your needs!

Froyo done your way, the fun way